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bill wrote:
> I have experience with UNIX, but this is my first install of Linux.

	Ubuntu is Linux and is 99.99% UNIX.

> I just installed 9.04 server on a 32 bit AMD box and all appears to be
> working well except:
> my keyboard mappings are incorrect - what command would I use to choose
> a different keyboard - I have the "standard" US keyboard. The install 
should have choosen US keyboard if you did nothing. Weird problem.
should have used
> I have no connectivity - what command would I use to see and correct my
> network parameters ?

	Please tell us what kind of connectivity you need. Is it a wire or is
it wireless?

> I have the keyboard prompt - can these be set using a gui ?  If so, what
> starts the gui ?

	You said you installed the server 9.04 and that has zero GUI!

73 Karl

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