Ubuntu installing problem

Nedyalko Dyakov n3mo.wolf at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 18:34:35 UTC 2009

Fred Roller wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 20:17 +0300, nedyalko dyakov wrote:
>> Fred Roller wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 19:46 +0300, nedyalko dyakov wrote:
>>>> Guys why when I try to install Ubuntu it doesn't see my partitions. On 
>>>> the step with partitions it's only blank hard disk (  the model name and 
>>>> size are correct ). I have 120GB SATA hard drive with firmware 3.AA. I 
>>>> didn't have this problem before with my old MB. How to fix it?
>>>> Sorry for my bad English,
>>>> Ned
>>> Have you tried booting a live distro and using a partition software like
>>> gparted (gui) or fdisk (cli) to see if your partitions are in fact gone.
>>> I am presuming you have data on the hdd you wish to preserve?  What was
>>> on the drive prior moving it to the new MB?
>> When I boot Live distribution everything is fine. I can read/write to my 
>> partitions. The problem is there - i don't wanna format my whole hard 
>> disk because I have 70gb information , Windows partition , Debian and 
>> other stuffs. I have ubuntu installed, too , but it works slower with 
>> new mb ( slower than live cd in fact). So I think it would be ok when I 
>> install a new one. Hard Disk is fine, because I was able to install 
>> Windows on it after moving to the new MB.
>> Regards,
>> Ned
> If you installed windows after you moved the hdd to the new mb have you
> confirmed the partitions are intact and windows did not take the whole
> drive for itself.  If the partitions exist have you tried the manual
> partition option during ubuntu install where it would read and display
> your existing partition table and give you the option to adjust and more
> importantly, mount without touching the data.
> Personally, if the partitions are in question and yet you can still get
> to them I would move the data you wish to save to another drive (if this
> is an option) so you have a backup of some sort.  
Yes, I've tried the manual partitions option and there is no partition 
table, only /dev/sda ( my hard drive ) and one option - to make a new 
partition table. And Yes I'm sure that partitions are the same as before 
installing Windows. Now I'm running my old Ubuntu from the same hard 
drive, so everything is there. Maybe some Ubuntu bug? Or Another thing - 
my new MB have 4 Sata connectors , now my SATA HD is connected to the 
4th, maybe if I change it to the 1st ...? I'll try this tonight and 
we'll see...

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