times new roman font on webpage

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at swhi.net
Mon Jun 22 17:25:48 UTC 2009

Soren Orel wrote:
> Using Times New Roman font on a webpage what's about Linux is a correct 
> thing?
> sorry if it's "off"

What's your question?

If I'm reading (into) what you wrote correctly, you're seeing Times New 
Roman because that's the default font for most browsers as its also one 
of the oldest and most prolific fonts.

As with most things, users have a choice...and I'd be happy to point you 
to how to set your default browser font but with no information, any 
help is going to be difficult to come by.

Please rephrase your question with some details and I'm sure you'll get 
helpful replies.

Kind regards,

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