You are not wrong

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jun 22 15:34:47 UTC 2009

Pastor JW wrote:

> On Sunday 21 June 2009 9:52:23 pm bret.m at wrote:
>> Thanks for being so honest, I would have kept with Ubuntu if it was
>> not for that Keyring, I could have not said it better myself.
> Well Brett, I tried not to use any of the bad words this program taught
> me!  I know how it is terribly frustrating to have your own machine not do
> what YOU want
> So like you did, you find your only logical choice left is to
> leave the distro.  Sorry state of affairs for a distro which CLAIMS to be
> on the side of the people.

Oh please!  I asked him what exactly he was trying to do so that we could 
help him out, and all I got was a rude _personal_ message calling me a 
"dipstick".  Obviously he wasn't at all interested in fixing his problem, 
merely in slinging FUD and insults.  Any distro can do without that sort of 

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