How to downgrade libc and kernel on Jaunty?

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Mon Jun 22 08:21:32 UTC 2009

Yes by compiling it and either removing the other libc package or compile it and use LD_PRELOAD. That applies just to libc. I've got another solution, but I'm too sleepy and tired of typing long messages on my phone, so email me offlist if you want to know, and ill answer it sometime tomorrow. Do you not have two kernels in your grub menu? You should. 
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Subject: How to downgrade libc and kernel on Jaunty?
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Hi List,

I have found that the performance of rsync has been improved a lot after
recent kernel/libc upgrade. But I don't know the exactly root course. 

How can I downgrade libc and kernel on Jaunty? Any Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Li

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