Fixing dual boot windows partision

Barry Pohlman barry.pohlman at
Mon Jun 22 06:37:09 UTC 2009

I just wanted to add a little to what Karl wrote. Karls steps are
correct and will work. If you do not know where your boot information is
on disk, possibly you already wiped the boot sector, you can type the
following command in the grub prompt to find where grub boot information
is installed to feed as the input for root.

> find /boot/grub/stage1

To get the grub prompt you type 'sudo grub' in a terminal window. You
would follow after this you can type all the commands provided by Karl.

Good Luck

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> Ben Edwards wrote:
>> I have a Ununtu install with a dual boot pasrtision.  The windows
>> install is broken but if I try to reinstall I think the windows
>> install will overwrite the boot record and wipe out grub.  Any advise
>> would be apreciated.
>> Ben
> 	I'm sure it will. When you find out you can't boot from anything but
> Windows, you need to find out what partition your Ubuntu is in and then
> boot up with your LiveCD and then open a terminal and on the terminal
> type grub. This will put you into the grub system.
> 	Grub uses a odd numbering system. If your Ubuntu is in partition
> /dev/sda5 this translates to (hd0,4) and like that. So as the first step
> use the right number for your Ubuntu but it will llok like:
> grub root(hd0,4) (follow with a enter)
> If that is the right address for your Ubuntu then it will print out what
> it finds. Otherwise it will say error.
> Next step tell it where to put the Grub info:
> grub setup (hd0)
> If you get no error then reboot and you should be able to boot up in
> either Windows or Ubuntu.
> 73 Karl

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