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Tias (try it and see) I agree you should challenge them and the brain of a child is more capable of learning than adults. I've been working on becoming fluent in Spanish for years and I see these little 2 or 3 year old kids speaking Spanish very fast and fluently. And they also know English. That's just an example of how young children are better learners. They just need to be disciplined and rewarding them is positive reinforcement. Tell them they can do it, encourage and provide a way for them to get help if they are stuck on trying to understand a difficult concept. I admit it was tough learning how to implement and understand how a recursive quicksort algorithm works and the call stack being made from it and then the stack unwinding, but I was determined and now I'm glad I did learn it. I think its interesting how a calculator uses a stack to first convert a mathematical expression from an infix expression to a postfix expression and then evaluate the postfix expression to give the result and it's all efficient and fast way to do it. Many schools are using java to teach their students programming and its modern language being used even on my phone that I'm using to send this email and with a huge api, cross platform, very well documented and linux users can now be happy about it because sun made it open source. 
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> If you can understand it, then it is too simple for the children!  I think a
> good starter language for children IS C as they can do things is a week it
> took me years to develop!  Plus it is a basic in Linux.

" Our educational
> system has been making our children into dummies for some time now, what
> children are really after is challenge and pride in accomplishment and we try
> too hard to take that away from them, telling them they aren't ready yet. "

I do very much agree with this, but am not yet convinced that teaching
the C programming language
is the right answer!


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