to raise a exception isn't a bug

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Jun 22 01:36:01 UTC 2009

Markus Schönhaber wrote:

> It's understandable that you, as an end user, want this bug to go away,
> and that you don't care about the technical details that caused the bug.
> The devs, OTOH, have to decide what to do - and *where* - to actually
> make it go away. The bug report is filed against two packages:
> python-apt and install-package. And although somewhere in python-apt the
> exception you've seen is raised, it's install-package's fault not to
> have handled it but shown it in big friendly letters on your screen.
> In other words: python-apt did what it's supposed to do, notify
> install-package of an error condition by raising an exception. Therefore
> it is not to blame but the bug report is invalid wrt python-apt.

I don't disagree at all - which was my point.  Raising exceptions is not 
only _not_ a bug, but required behaviour.  But the fact that the exception 
actually percolated to the user interface IS a bug, and frankly closing a 
bug as invalid because it was reported against the wrong package (albeit the 
package that the exception SAID it was in), is really, really, bad PR.  It 
should never have been closed - it should have been reassigned to the 
correct package.  If launchpad is incapable of doing that, then bugs should 
be filed against launchpad itself.

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