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On 01/06/09 09:01 AM, Gilles Gravier wrote:
> For me, the choise PostgreSQL vs MySQL is more a dependence on type of
> application & data you are going to process... and maybe compatibility
> with existing code... Licensing is very similar.

No, it isn't. There are important differences between the GPL and BSD
licenses that may or may not make a difference in your particular use
case. It is a good idea to understand what they are before you commit to
one or the other. The BSD license, which is how PostgreSQL is licensed,
is the more permissive of the two.

> MySQL offers maybe
> better enterprise-class support for those who need it.

Nonsense. You can get the same or better support for PostgreSQL. Sun,
for example, has offered PostgreSQL support for years and in fact, has
(had?) at least one of the core PostgreSQL developers on the payroll.

> In any case, Sun
> is a significant contributor to both (though it OWNS MySQL)... :)

MySQL is full of bugs, doesn't scale, and which of its various forks is
going to "win" remains to be seen. Oracle's purchase of Sun only makes
the future of MySQL cloudier. Unless you're forced to use MySQL, don't
use it. PostgreSQL is a much better choice.

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