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On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 14:45:02 -0700 (PDT)
Sally Dodge <sallydodge53 at> wrote:

> I recently installed ubuntu to my computer.  I am now having mega
> problems installing other programs.  I had a game from wild tangent
> called fate.  I have a backup disk and a path for installation  but
> when I try to install it I get an error message from the archive.  I
> am trying to install through wine and or llinux but I still get this
> same error message it starts out as
> home/tricia/.wine/dosdevices/c:/windows/profile/tricia/desktop/fate_installer/_.exe/end-of-central-directory/signature
> not found.either this file is not a zipfile or if constitutes one
> disk of a multi-port archive.   It continues on with some other stuff
> and repeats it's self a coupule of more times. I am very frusteraated
> and am seriousily considering in re installing windows please help me
> if you can.  I can not download shockwave, adobe reader and other
> programs needed to play oother games and do ther things.  please
> help.  Sallydodge53 at

No go on shockwave natively, Macromedia has not released a Linux
version. Supposedly, you can install the Windows version of Firefox and
Shockwave and use it under wine, but I have never done this.

Adobe Reader is available from the partner repository, enable this
repository in Applications->System->Software Sources->Third-Party
Software. Then install Adobe Reader through Add/Remove. Also see:

The Fate installer does not work in wine. You must copy the whole wild
tangent directory over to Ubuntu and run fate.exe, but even then the
activation of none demo levels does not work as it needs activeX and
IE. Again pretty much a no go.  

If you are going to re-install Windows, I would definitely look into
dual-booting so you can slowly ween yourself off of your windows "must
haves". You can also look into virtualizing windows but since you've
admitted to being able to 'turn the computer on, check mail, turn it
off'. I'd leave that for sometime later when your more comfortable with

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