Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Sun Jun 21 22:23:29 UTC 2009

Sally Dodge wrote:
> I do not know how to do much more than how to turn the computer on and 
> read my mail look things up and play my games but I can follow 
> directions well so if you have the time and patientints i would 
> apperciate any help you could give.

Maybe this will help:

Also, look for your program in the list of applications known to work 
with wine here:
or here

(I didn't find faet by wild tangent in there, but maybe you'll have 
better luck...I just did a quick search/perusal of both).


>     Sally Dodge wrote:
>      > I recently installed ubuntu to my computer.  I am now having mega
>     problems installing other programs.  I had a game from wild tangent
>     called fate.  I have a backup disk and a path for installation  but
>     when I try to install it I get an error message from the archive.  I
>     am trying to install through wine and or llinux but I still get this
>     same error message it starts out as
>      >

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