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On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 7:58 PM, Barry Pohlman <barry.pohlman at>wrote:

> Jake,
>     Out of curiosity why did you use gparted after the install? In the
> final step of the setup for ubuntu you will get a report of the install
> configuration. In the bottom right you will see an advanced button. If
> you click that button you can choose where to install Grub (hd0 = main
> hard drive MBR). What seems to be happening with your configuration is
> that you targeted the linux partition as having the boot information.
> The BIOS cannot boot from anywhere outside of the MBR. The reason that
> the cd-rom works is that it can switch over to read the configuration
> outside of the MBR.

Okay, that makes sense.

> I know the question asked by most users is not how did my problem happen
> it is how do I fix it.... Here is a quick way to fix it....
> If you boot into the Ubuntu test disc (not strait install) you should be
> presented with an ubuntu desktop. After the desktop boots up open up a
> terminal. The icon to launch it is under applications -> Accessories ->
> Terminal.

Test disc... You mean the live part of the install CD?

> Here are the commands and what they do
>    sudo grub                     =  Bring up the grub command line
>    find /boot/grub/stage1   =  Finds where the boot information is stored
>    root (hd?, ?)                 =  The hd numbers will come from the
> above command
>    setup (hd0)                   =  hd0 signifies the MBR of your
> primary hard drive
>    quit                               =  Exit Grub command line
>    sudo reboot                  =  Reboot the system
> If you are curious or need more explination this is the same steps
> needed to restore grub boot loader after you install windows. Windows
> will take out the MBR and replace it with its own boot loader...
> So what that it doing is putting a GRUB boot-loader in the MBR? I got it.
I'll git 'er done and report with my findings.
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