Encryption and Keyrings

Barry Pohlman barry.pohlman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 13:23:02 UTC 2009

This behavior changed in future versions. I know the problem you are
trying t describe. In ubuntu 8 the keyring is password protected. When
you save passwords they get stored in the keyring. The second password
you enter unlocks the keyring.

If the term keyring term is making it confusing think of the keyring
program as a password storage program. You want to keep your password
safe from on lookers. By entering the password into the prompt if
verifies your access to the keyring and unlocks all of you stored

Hope this helps
Good Luck

sg1 wrote:
> Every time I log onto evolution email it dose not remember my password
> and also a keyring icon appears asking for a second password, is there
> anyway of turning this off, using ubuntu 8.
> Thanks Brett

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