Shutdown pop up window

Barry Pohlman barry.pohlman at
Sun Jun 21 02:31:14 UTC 2009


    Are their any applications open, might be minimized in the system 
tray. The other thing you can do to see who is logged in is pull up a 
terminal and type the following command:
    sudo finger

This will show you who is logged in and how they are attached.

The other thing you can do to see how many users are logged in is also a 
command in a terminal window. The command is top. This command is 
similar to pulling up task manager in windows or prstat in solaris. It 
will tell you alot of information about your system while it is running. 
In the first row it should show the number of users logged in. (This is 
from memory so I am sorry if I stated the wrong row). This command will 
continue to loop by default; press q to quit out of it.

Hope this helps

Mark Panen wrote:
> Hi
> Every time i wan t to shut down my laptop, i receive a pop up window
> that other users are logged on and i need to put in my password. There
> are no other users i know of logged on.
> Mark

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