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Rashkae ubuntu at
Sat Jun 20 17:50:44 UTC 2009

Steve Reilly wrote:
> Robert Holtzman wrote:
>> On Fri, 19 Jun 2009, Jay Daniels wrote:
>>> Steve Reilly wrote:
>>>> perhaps you were unaware that all internet traffic, email or otherwise
>>>> is scanned for keywords by several different government agencies, in the
>>>> us and in other countries as well.  i would definitely not call
>>>> encryption a waste of time.  in fact, in this day and age, i would call
>>>> it almost a necessity in private communications.
>>> I sense a bit of unwarranted paranoia ;)
>> Not so unwarranted these days.
> exactly.  especially communicating with friends deployed overseas, and
> most definitely in other countries.
> steve

You can call this hypocritical from someone who  hasn't sent an
encrypted e-mail in a year, but I wish all unencrypted traffic were to
be banished from the net.  Not that I really care if someone reads most
or all of my e-mail that doesn't contain work related other people's
private data, but it's just too easy for your communications to be
intercepted by third parties.  And besides, with such a small percentage
of net traffic encrypted, it just stands out.  It would be better for
everyone's privacy if all non-private communication was encrypted as well.

For example, it's practically a sport to snoop on IM communications from
public wifi hotspots.

And I ask you, in this day an age, where encryption protocols have been
standard for so long (with the exception of http, for some reason that
I'll never understand, no one has created an encryption scheme for
virtual domains on http.  I know it makes it impossible to certify the
id of the server, but come on, just a simple transport encryption
already? sheesh)

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