Networking Problem - Firewall blocking traffic from Ubuntu but allows Windows

Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Sat Jun 20 14:58:30 UTC 2009

Anoop John wrote:
> Hi,
> A group of doctors at a Medical Institution here in Trivandrum
> ( had decided to move to Ubuntu. Being a Free
> Software supporter I had volunteered to set up Ubuntu on their
> laptops. I had installed Ubuntu for some of them and some had
> installed it on their own but they are now facing a networking problem
> which if I don't fix for them might force them to go back to windows.
> I had been to the place and tried to troubleshoot the issue twice
> without any success so far.
> Problem Description:
> * When these people try to acess the Wireless network in their office
> from Ubuntu, they get connected to the access point but their packets
> get stopped at a Symantec firewall that sits at the gateway.

I wonder if this is why my everex cloudbook with hardy is having 
problems in local cafes.
At home, my wifi stays up, no problem.
I go out to the local cafes and wicd brings up the connection, but
nothing moves through after my first attempt.
(Ie., I can download msg headers with mutt or load one web page with FF, 
and then nothing moves through the connection at all, even though
ifconfig and iwconfig still show that I am connected).
Sorry I'm not offering any resolution, but, I will be watching this 
thread with interest.
Perhaps the cafe's routers are also blocking linux machines?
Oddly, I didn't have this problem with another laptop when it was 
running PCLinuxOS.


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