Help with dual-boot setup

J Bickhard jbickhard at
Sat Jun 20 12:37:11 UTC 2009

I have an 80gigabyte hard drive with Windows XP professional SP3 on it. I
have installed Jaunty in a second, 40gigabyte partition. I went into GPart
on the livecd after installation, and set SDA or whatever the main ubuntu
partition it was to "boot" flag. Now, when I boot, my computer does nothing.
It runs all of the tests, but when it should be loading GRUB, it is just
sitting there where it would normally be saying "Loading ISOLINUX" or

HOWEVER: If I boot with the livecd and select "boot from first hard drive",
it works.

What gives? Does the main boot partition of a hard drive (second partition,
ubuntu is on the second partition) have to have another flag other than
"boot"? I really want to get Jaunty working on my computer! Then I can
migrate my files from my old 5gig and install my new 40gig.

Thank you,
Jake, Editor of Micro 100 Magazine ( )
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