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Jay Daniels wrote:
> Steven Susbauer wrote:
>> Jay Daniels wrote:
>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>> On 06/17/2009 12:27 PM, Steven Susbauer wrote:
>>>>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>>>>> Colin Law wrote:
>>>>>>>> Does that take you to the same url that NoOp referenced
>>>>>>>> (http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php)?  If not I am not sure of
>>>>>>>> the relevance.
>>>>>> 	This does take you to a page with information on many Linux types, but
>>>>>> does not include Ubuntu. I guess this is what mis-lead NoOp. If you use
>>>>>> my URL you will see Ubuntu.
>>>>>> 73 Karl
>>>>> The wiki is not official documentation, remember that it was created by
>>>>> myself and modified by you.
>>>>> The download page did officially direct users how to set up the
>>>>> repository in the past. I have an idea why they may have removed those
>>>>> directions though: Jaunty is now considered the stable release and Wicd
>>>>> is in the Ubuntu repositories, the Wicd repository was only really
>>>>> needed for people using old releases. It is possible they see no need to
>>>>> officially support the old releases.
>>>> Actually 8.04 (hardy) is an LTS... read that to mean _stable_ release.
>>>> I'll file a bug in https://launchpad.net/wicd.
>>> When I re-installed 8.04 on my notebook, Jaunty was out.  However, the 
>>> support date for Hardy was actually as 2 years from jaunty's release and 
>>> Jaunty only good for 1 year, correct?
>>> Wicd is an excellent tool, but in it's current state I don't see it 
>>> being default in any Ubuntu release.  Not everybody uses wifi only 
>>> notebooks while the gnome panel network applet handles all network 
>>> connections.
>>> jay
>> Wicd handles wired connections as well. Nothing for 3g and VPN that I
>> know of though.
> This was my drawback from using wicd, no way to setup broadband card and 
>   gnome-ppp development is dead.
> Once I ditch this card I may reinstall wicd.
> jay
	Hi Jay, Wicd shines when you have the Internet available right now in
WiFi. I doubt if your working with ppp over a long telephone line that
you use WiFi...

	For wired in Internet even Network Manager works well.

73 Karl

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