rsync question

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at
Fri Jun 19 12:59:30 UTC 2009

<huge snip>
>> That is an excerpt, the same error message reports for every file and 
>> directory.  However,  a simple test shows that the transfer works 
>> correctly in both directions.  Any thoughts on how this could  be fixed?
>> fwiw, this is rsync version 2.6.9 on Hardy.
> If the thumb drive is formatted with FAT or NTFS, the filesystem doesn't
> store user and group IDs. You can use the --no-group option.

Bill's got the exact issue there, I think.  If the TD is not formatted 
ext2 or ext3, you should be getting issues like that.  If you can't 
format the thumbdrive with ext2 or 3, do try the --no-group option and 
let us know how that works for you.


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