Pidgin does not connect

Stephen stephen_o at
Fri Jun 19 08:42:40 UTC 2009

Tony Baldwin wrote:
> HermanAA wrote:
>> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 19:41 -0400, Steve Reilly wrote:
>>> HermanAA wrote:
>>>> Pidgin (chat program) has been working for many months.
>>>> Now it tries to connect (but never gets connected)
>>> what are you trying to connect to?
>>> are you connected to the net?
>>> steve
>> This is a chat program. On launching it says 'connecting ...'
>> As it is Yahoo protocol, afaik it connects to Yahoo.
>>  (My email and surfing is working normal in other screens).
>> Herman in Philippines.
> If you are just trying to connect to Yahoo! Messenger, the problem might 
> be at their end.
> There was discussion of the same matter on the ubuntu-es irc chan just a 
> while ago.
> I and others, using Y!Mess with pidgin, noted the connection kept 
> dumping today. (while my MSN and Google Talk accounts did not 
> dump...just Yahoo!).
> In fact, I've noted the same behavior while using bitlbee (another means 
> of connecting to chat protocols, only using an irc cli interface).
> Yahoo kept dumping while my other accts (MSN, Google talk) did 
> not...That's been happening off and on for a few days, IIRC.
> /tony
The problem is probably with yahoo. I used to belong to a few yahoo 
groups, and everything was great. Rogers took over and started making a 
lot of changes.

I was getting about 3,000 emails a day so I wanted to stop the emails 
from some of the groups.

When I went to make changes I was asked for my password. I typed it in 
and it gave me another box that aske me for my pass word. I thought my 
pass word was typed in wrong so I typed it in a text editor and cut and 
pasted it into the box online. It asked me for my pass word about 10 
times. Then I got through to the area I wanted to go. Set the group 
settings for reading the messages online only.

When I pressed the save button, it asked for my password again before it 
could save the new settings. So I copied my password from the text 
editor on my system and pasted it into the field for password on the site.

After doing it at least 20 times I ended up at my home page instead of 
the home page for the group I was just setting.

To make a long story short it took me about 4 days. At about 3 hours a 
day to stop 6 yahoo groups from sending me mail.

Stephen O

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