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>  Hello,
> I stilkl have a few problems that I hope someone can give me
> advice on solving.
> 1:
> I am stuck using the old version (7.x), which was installed by
> the guy who put the computer together.  He installed VISTA,
> then Ubuntu.  I have installed version 8.10 several times but I
> am not able to access the new version.  It goes to the original
> boot screen where the old version and VISTA options are.
> How can I get to the newest version (8.10) and then upgrade
> to 9.xx?. I tried to upgrade from the Ubuntu site but only get
> error messages such as the files don't exist.
> 2:
> The image on the screen is so small that its difficult to read
> the text.  If I recalled the VISTA password I would go to Vista
> and fiddle with the settings there.  The password was created
> by the guy who installed it and I don't recall what it was.  He
> was fired by the store - CompuSave of Lynnwood - for stealing
> and I can't ask him.
> 3:
> I am using Evolution for the email.  Figured out how to change
> the default settings to make the body text larger but subject
> and header type is still small.
> How can I fixed these problems?  Would another e/m client be
> better?
> Another problem is that I like to save some of the e/m as just
> text.  What I save is full of HTML codes.  Had this problem with
> Eudora in Windows but was able to changed the settings to
> eliminate these.
> Is there a solution to this problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Thomas.
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First of all, turno off your HTML when you send email to the list please.
then, read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes
I think it's better if you just back your files up and do a fresh install of
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS or Ubuntu 9.04, which ever you like.
you can found the ISO images here:
how to burn the ISO:

Hope it helps

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