Identifying a running process

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at
Thu Jun 18 14:37:14 UTC 2009

GaryT wrote:
> I want to learn how to identify and then stop a process - for example 
> today I tried to restart a program that had just crashed and Ubuntu gave 
> me a message along the lines of "XYZ is still running but not 
> responding. Stop the process or reboot before trying again" or words to 
> that effect.
> Rebooting was highly undesirable because it meant shutting down other 
> programs.  Too bad!
> Can someone help save the search and point me to some appropriate 
> reading matter?
> Much appreciated
> GT
Hi Gary,

In terminal, try this:

ps auxxxx|grep XYZ

the first column of the response will be the process ID (PID) of the 
offending process.  Once that's known you can

sudo kill <pid>

and you'll have stopped the hung process.


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