Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu Jun 18 13:44:05 UTC 2009

Fred Roller wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 11:56 +0100, norman wrote:
> > Could I be advised, please, on the best way to go from 9.04 back to
> > 8.10 or even 8.04? I have not found Google to be my friend in this
> > case.
> If you didn't do a new install to upgrade you should still be able to
> hit "esc" during the boot sequence and your older version should
> still be a boot option in grub.  Like the others I prefer clean
> installs of any operating systems.

What you describe is not the older Ubuntu version but only the kernel of 
the older version. You are then still running the new Ubuntu version 
although it is the older kernel.


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