ALSA software amplifier

H.S. hs.samix at
Thu Jun 18 00:43:56 UTC 2009

Israel Lacerra wrote:
> I always wanted this! My laptop and my pc has sound lower in Ubuntu than in
> Windows. Why??
> Is there a way to turn up the sound??

I have not noticed that some movies are at different average volume. But
you might be looking at movies which are produced with different
techniques and volume difference is quite possible.

Which application are you using (totem, gxine, mplayer)? Anyhow, I would
first try in a terminal
$> alsamixer

and turn up the volume of the output devices in that GUI (note master
and pcm volumes).

Next, depending on your hardware, you might want to try
$> alsamixer -c n

where n is a digit(0,1, ...) denoting the sound card you want to control
(find out your output sound cards using "aplay -l" command), and turn up
the output volumes.

If the above doesn't help (it should though), you might want to give
pulseaudio a shot (though I am not sure if it would you any additional
benefits regarding the sound levels). PA apparently has an equilizer too.


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