jEdit hypersearch window focus on Ubuntu

Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Jun 17 12:54:33 UTC 2009

I have a problem using jEdit on Ubuntu. I have tried the jEdit forum
without success.  Perhaps someone here can offer some suggestions.

I am using jEdit 4.3pre16, java 1.6.0_10 on Ubuntu 8.10.

The problem is that when I perform a hypersearch, the floating
hypersearch window is given the focus (its title bar changes colour if
the bar is visible on screen) but it is not popped up on top of any
other application's windows that may cover it.  If the window is
completely covered by other windows then I have to manually select it
in the task bar (which minimises it) then select it again to pop it up.
It works fine in XP, but then not much else does.


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