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Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Wed Jun 17 03:45:53 UTC 2009

Steve Reilly wrote:
> Tony Baldwin wrote:
>> Within a few months of owning said machine, I was running Red Hat on it, 
>> and haven't looked back since.
>> :)
>> tony
> lol, same here, RH9, i think it took me a week to DL the iso dialup. i
> got so damn frustrated with that piece of ....  made it through to FC3
> or 4 maybe and dumped it, rode the suse train for a few years then
> debian and ubuntu all they way, never looked back.

Gosh, I think it was RH 7.0 when I started.
I tried Corel Linux first, but couldn't get it to work with dial-up.
I managed to install the penguin-something pppoe pkgs on RH though.
I stuck it out with Fed(up)ora until about 3, too, I think...
(Got tired of yum breaking stuff).
It was 2006, when I switched to Ubuntu.  I used PCLinuxOS for during 
2008, too, then switched back to Ubuntu, then Debian.
I'm now using Debian on all my desktops, but still have Ubuntu on my 


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tcl yer os with a feather...

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