Programming language for children

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Steve Reilly wrote:
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>>> My oldest son was about 14 when we bought our first computer, a Commodore
>> 64.
>> That's a hoot.  How stupid.
>> But fashionable at the time I suppose and I guess that makes it okay.
>> I cook with it, create with it,
>> Telecommunicate with it......
>> LOL!
>> There's a creepy ad they had at the time (Google it and you will find it) of
>> William Shatner peddling a Vic-20 as well.
>> Poor guy. No wonder he took up singing.
>> The demented soul must have spent too long in space.
> ah, 64's were cool in the day.... i had one up until a couple years ago.
> sold it at our annual yard sale along with a hacked shack color computer
> for 50 bucks, package deal..... collecting dust for *way* too long lol.
> steve

My first machine was an Atari 400.
I learned a little basic back then, but the computer was soon lost in a 
move, or something, and I didn't own another until 2000 when I bought 
one at Sears, loaded with Win98SE.  I really knew nothing about 
computers at the time.
When XP came out shortly thereafter, and, as a public school teacher, I 
lacked the funds to "upgrade", I began seeking alternatives.
Within a few months of owning said machine, I was running Red Hat on it, 
and haven't looked back since.


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