firestarter startup

Shawn McCuan smccuan at
Wed Jun 17 02:30:39 UTC 2009

> But would you, please, explain why do you need the Firestarter GUI front-
> end being run at each system restart?  
> It is to be used only as a need arises to make changes to your 
> Firestarter iptable scripts. Mostly, as soon as you setup your 
> Firestarter firewall, you just forget about it. It runs silently at the 
> background and does its job for you.

I'm not the original poster, but personally, I like the GUI running so
that I can see if it's blocking something I hadn't previously planned
for. Also, even though I've allowed all smb and cups ports as described
in various tutorials and documentation, firestarter *still* blocks
access to smb printers. I have to disable it in order to print - and
doing so w/ the GUI is quick and simple. 

-Shawn McCuan
smccuan at

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