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NoOp wrote:
> Anyone else notice that the instructions for adding the wicd
> repositories etc., are no longer listed on the download page?
> http://wicd.sourceforge.net/download.php
> Cached version:
> <>
> shows:
> Non-Jaunty versions of Ubuntu (Intrepid, Hardy, etc) or Jaunty users who
> want the latest updates will have to add the Wicd repository to the
> Ubuntu package manager. To open the package manager in Gnome, go to
> Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. When it appears, go to
> Settings > Repositories > Third Party Software > Add..., and enter the
> following line:
>     deb http://apt.wicd.net hardy extras
> where gutsy is your version of Ubuntu in lowercase (dapper, edgy,
> feisty, gutsy, hardy, intrepid). You'll also need to add the key used
> for signing Wicd by running the following command in a terminal:
>     wget -q http://apt.wicd.net/wicd.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -
> Now, click Reload, and wait while the package lists are downloaded. Now,
> search for "Wicd", and right click on it. Select Install, then press
> Apply, and Wicd will automatically be downloaded and installed for you.
> This will also keep you automatically up to date with the latest and
> greatest version of Wicd. Please note that this will remove
> network-manager, which is the default GNOME network manager and may
> cause loss of network connection temporarily.
> I wonder if Karl has been messing with the download page like he did
> with the wiki :-) ??
	Please blow it out of your ear! I have done nothing to anything you
might be using. But blame Karl you ass hole!

Worst off days to you You...

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