[Jaunty] Sony Vaio NR140E

Fred Roller froller at tnclimited.com
Tue Jun 16 23:06:23 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 15:51 -0700, NoOp wrote:
> Not trying to do a Karl blog, just want to give a brief opinion on a
> failed jaunty install.
> Well it was interesting while it lasted... Replaced a burnt hard drive
> in a Sony Vaio NR140E laptop today for a relative & decided to try
> jaunty on it; to replace Vista would have cost too much & I figure it's
> a good time to convert him to Ubuntu.
> - wifi atheros drivers didn't work well at all (Network Manager or Wicd)
> - video drivers (Intel chipset) didn't work except in basic mode
> - Networking overall sucked
> - cups & cups-pdf is a mess
> Hardy (8.04) liveCD on the otherhand automatically installed the atheros
> wireless drivers & all the necessary bit's & pieces to get the laptop
> working "out-of-the-box", including desktop effects.
> For the time being I'll leave him on hardy & upgrade OOo et al via PPA's
> & added repos (wicd for instance). I've no time to sort out jaunty bugs
> on the laptop, nor spend time doing excessive jaunty remote support once
> I send the laptop back to him. It's pretty sad really... I had hoped
> that jaunty would have worked properly.

You made the right choice.  It has been my experience that when
converting folks with Ubuntu it is best to get them on the Long Term
Support (LTS) releases.  Though Jaunty and others offer the latest and
greatest wiz-bang stuff it is, at the end of the day, just a step toward
the next LTS release.  As for your relative, make sure he is pointed in
this direction and we can help with the remote support. ;)

Fred R.

"Life is like Linux, simple.  If you are fighting it, you are doing
something wrong."

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