OT: Unix or UNIX or unix

Steven Susbauer steven at too1337.com
Tue Jun 16 21:48:48 UTC 2009

CJ Kelley wrote:
> <snip>
>     I see others saying that Mac OS X has bits from FreeBSD and NetBSD. How
>     much of Mac OS X comes from those two sources would be really
>     interesting to compare. 
> </snip>
> well i am pretty sure that atleast that the TCP/IP was taken from
> *BSD..as it says "Installing BSD Subsystem" when you are installing mac
> os x.
> plus alot of commands in mac os x are very similar / the same in *BSD
> --cj

The core of OS X is highly BSD-based and was released independently as
Darwin. Apple ceased releasing complete sources to Darwin when they
switched to x86.

For an example, when you boot OS X in single user mode (at least in the
past, I don't know about x86), the first message you see is the
copyright "The Regents of the University of California" stuff.

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