TomTom on Ubuntu

Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Tue Jun 16 19:02:47 UTC 2009

Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> 2009/6/16 Pastor JW <pastor_jw at>:
>> On Tuesday 16 June 2009 7:56:38 am Felipe DOMINGUEZ wrote:
>>> hello
>>> I am facing the same problem and I do believe that we have to complain. It
>>> is the only way they know there is a market out there  who want Linux.
>> I have complained to TomTom but they declare they have no intrest in
>> supporting Linux as "Linux users don't buy anything".
> Astonishing! Linux users don't buy anything? 

I buy stuff all the time...
soap, hamburgers, Brazilian coffee, music cds, cigarrettes, chocolate, 
Linux t-shirts, strings for my guitar, mouthwash, books, etc., etc....

I just don't buy software.  Ever.
Why should I when I can software for all my needs for free!
Just to clarify, however, that I don't us FREE Software just to be a 
cheapskate; I use it because I believe in FREEdom!  (And it's also 
better software).
Although I do buy games for my daughter's NintendoDS system.  I suppose, 
in that case, I am buying software.
I have't seen any FOSS for those machines...yet.

free/open source software
tcl yer os with a feather...

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