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Tue Jun 16 16:32:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Kent Borg<kentborg at> wrote:
> I wrote :
>> Panda3d! I didn't know about that. I am going to look at that myself.
>> It looks really cool.
> But in a quick look it seems not to be for children. In fact the manual
> has a header that says: "Panda3D is not a Beginner's Tool [n]or a Toy".
> Not that a teenager couldn't make some cool stuff with Panda3d, but s/he
> will need to get beyond "beginner" first.
> -kb, the Kent who is disappointed that the Panda3d examples don't run on
> his Jaunty installation, damn Intel Xorg bugs! ("get fences failed: -1")

It is not for Children, it was made for Disney to make rides and
MMORPG games online. It is super powerful!!!

This rather short program gives you a panda bear walking around a
grove in a square with trees and rocks and a camera spinning around
360 filming it all. Look farther and you will see the same program
with the same library in C. Which can you read better?



The thing to note here is that both are using little code and mostly
library calls.

Another thing about panda3d is that it has a really good manual. You
might look at pygame also.
Douglas E Knapp

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