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>>> does anyone has any experience attaching TomTom GPS (my model is XL-S) 
>>> to the Ubuntu machine to be able to manage TomTom-s feature, do 
>>> update/upgrades etc.?
>>> afan
>> Unfortunately, although the TomTom devices themselves run Linux the
>> management software is all Windows or Mac so you can't do anything with
>> them from within Ubuntu.
>> Regards,
>> Mark.
> What about other GPS brands? Magellan, Garmin,...? Any?
> Looks like I have to switch back to dual boot just because of couple 
> issues still not solved in Linux. :-(

Yes, it just might what you have to do. But I would strongly recommend
bitching to TomTom people about this. After all they are ones providing
the software and are ignoring the Linux community. Complaining strongly
to them will at least put this in to their ears. Who knows, after enough
complaints it might actually go in to their heads.

Good luck.


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