Consider removing vim-tiny from Ubuntu in the future

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Alexandra Zaharia wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 5:06 PM, howard chen<howachen at> wrote:
>> To be honest, if a broken version of vi has to been exist in Ubuntu, I
>> would rather perfer not to have vi pre-installed to please all the
>> vi-hater.
> No such thing as 'broken' vi. Just the ones who don't know WHY once
> upon a time vi had nothing associated to arrow keys. 'Cause there were
> no arrow keys on those keyboards!
> Instead of whining, consider running vimtutor or switching to
> something more intuitive such as nano or mcedit.
	If your old and recall what Ctrl-K does then you can use joe as I do.
You can get joe quick and easy with $ sudo apt-get install joe. Then you
are all set. If your a bit forgetful I suggest Ctrl-K-H which brings up
a nice help page.

73 Karl

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