Able to log on but some problems

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Jun 16 13:31:14 UTC 2009

thomas smith wrote:

> 1.  My type is too small.  Figured out the [ctrl] + to
> make type larger on webpages but the results are

Which browser are you talking about?

> kluggy and doesn't always work.  I am using the
> email client that came with the download.  The type

Or is this an email client?

> is very small unless I go into the format and convert
> the type to html.  

Try changing the system font size: System -> Preferences -> Appearance.
It is a good idea to adjust the system wide settings before fiddling
with each application's settings.

> 2.  How to upgrade from the version 7.x that I am
> using to the latest version.

A simple google search of this questions will give you the steps.

> I have a computer that with VISTA.  According to
> one of the LINUX experts, who wrote me, I'm using
> the Windows boot manager.
> I attempted to do the upgrade from the Ubuntu site
> but it gave me error messages and aborted.

What was the error?

> 3. I like to listen to CBC RadioOne but it requires
> Windows media.  Is there a work around?

Most probably, yes. But first things first. You need to have your system
up and running with the desired version of Ubuntu.

> 4. I also like to listen to BBC Radio 4 but it requires
> Real Media.  My efforts to install it did not work (it
> might help if I had larger text).  
> Even with my newbie problems I am liking Ubuntu
> more than Windows.

Welcome to Ubuntu. You will find that it an interesting and a learning
experience. By the way, please read this:

In future, please create a new post for new problems.

Good luck,


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