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Knapp wrote:
>> As an implied (I hope) consequence : LEARNING.
>> LOGO is very much targetted for that. CHILDREN who want to LEARN
>> programming...
>> Gilles.
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> I think you missed my point, I wrote this from the perspective I had
> as a kid! I was 12 when I started programming. I thought that about
> LOGO then! Also C64 C was not possible at that time. By the time I was
> writing in Prolog, 1988 or so some 6 years later? there were no
> graphics.
> I still find java slow. My last try was with the cogoban program. It
> runs go once started but takes a long time to load and start. My
> machine is an AMD X2 with 2 HD so what is the excuse for the slowness?
> Yes, I can't spell. :-)

	Today on Ubuntu you get a free C and C++ compiler and there are a 100
books out there that go from a Graduate School to Child level. Those who
say you never get to see anything have not remembered the first thing
you do. You write Hello World! And the kids like that it will keep
printing that forever!

	The person who says you launch right into pointers is wrong. But
pointers can be learned by Children if taught right. A pointer is a call
that simply calls what is in a location, but the kids call them buckets.

73 Karl

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