Programming language for children

Knapp magick.crow at
Tue Jun 16 10:53:23 UTC 2009

> As an implied (I hope) consequence : LEARNING.
> LOGO is very much targetted for that. CHILDREN who want to LEARN
> programming...
> Gilles.
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I think you missed my point, I wrote this from the perspective I had
as a kid! I was 12 when I started programming. I thought that about
LOGO then! Also C64 C was not possible at that time. By the time I was
writing in Prolog, 1988 or so some 6 years later? there were no

I still find java slow. My last try was with the cogoban program. It
runs go once started but takes a long time to load and start. My
machine is an AMD X2 with 2 HD so what is the excuse for the slowness?

Yes, I can't spell. :-)
Douglas E Knapp

Why do we live?

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