Vim clientserver

Hal Burgiss hal at
Tue Jun 16 10:32:10 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 10:37:46PM -0400, Brian McKee wrote:
> > Out of 15 or so servers I interact with, that is the only one with gvim. I know
> > about gvim scp://server//path/file, but it is relatively slow.
> Really?  It copies it to temp then edits it there I believe, so it
> should only be slow when you first open it... It works well enough for
> me most of the time - the other times I mount the directory via SMB
> and edit it directly :-)

Well, these are Linux servers, no SMB. The slowness is in saving a remote
file. I have a habit of saving stuff absent mindedly about every line. On
local files there is no lag, on remote ones there is. 
> You need gvim?  vim isn't good enough?

I use vim much more than gvim because of all the remote stuff. Its fine. I
prefer it in some cases like a quick and dirty edit of a few lines. I use it
with mutt for both local and remote mailboxes. If I have major writing to do,
I prefer gvim though. I could live without it, but prefer it in some cases. 


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