Toshiba BlueTooth not working ( old one but I find not solution)

Felipe DOMINGUEZ felipe.dominguez at
Mon Jun 15 22:06:54 UTC 2009


I have a toshiba and I cannot make the bluetooth to work. I have read all
about why is not working, and  I did find some posible solution like using
toshset <>,
but toshset gives me an error *"required kernel toshiba support not enabled"
* which I *could* fix by pathing the kernel <>. but the kernel I have is
version 2.6.28 for which there is no path.
<I am running ubuntu 9.04>

if I try the path for 2.6.26  or 2.6.29 they give erros.

I have looked for support on the Toshiba forums, but Toshiba does not really
care, so basically I have a bluetooth that I cannot use.  ( next laptop will
not be a Toshiba)

Can any body give a hint on what to do? I have already spent two afternoons
on this.I really feel that I use more time to make the computer to work than
working with the computer...  and that's frustrating.

Thanks in advance.


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