strange behavior in gnome-terminal - need to reset to default

Luke Vandervort ezra64 at
Mon Jun 15 20:52:46 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 16:17, Ray Leventhal <ubuntu at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been happily using gnome-terminal whenever a CLI was needed.  I'm
> not sure how it happened, but today everytime I press the letter u, the
> contents of the clipboard is pasted into the terminal.  As you can
> imagine, not being able to type sudo is kind of a pain :)
> I've installed konsole for the time being, but I'd prefer to leave
> gnome-terminal as my default CLI.
> In my trying to fix this, I did, of course, look at the keyboard
> shortcuts menu under 'edit'...and sure enough, below 'Copy' to which
> Shift+Ctrl+C is mapped, the letter U is mapped to 'Paste'.
> So...2 questions in order of importance:
> 1) how do I reset this?  I've looked and googled but without any luck
> (unless I'm just not seeing it, which is always possible)
> and
> 2) any ideas on how this happened in the first place?  I'd hate to have
> it happen again.
> Thanks in advance,
> -R
> System Specs:
> Jaunty, fully updated, running on an IBM R30 system
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I am able to re-map this action by clicking on the shortcut in the shortcut
column and selecting a new key.

I am not sure how this may have happened, because when I try and re-map this
to the letter "U" I get the following message

"The shortcut "U" cannot be used because it will become impossible to type
using this key.
Please try with a key such as Control, Alt or Shift at the same time."

Good luck!

Luke M. P. Vandervort

'Suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you
were a  Member of Congress... But I repeat myself.'
                              --Mark Twain
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