Programming language for children

Aart Koelewijn aart at
Mon Jun 15 19:27:03 UTC 2009

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 13:26:06 -0400, Kjetil Halvorsen wrote:

> I want to try to learn my daughters some programming language. (they are
> 13,14 years)
> In earlier times I would have thought about logo. What programming
> language, available in ubuntu,
> would you propose for this in our time?
> Kjetil

My oldest son was about 14 when we bought our first computer, a Commodore 
64. I made him a member of a computer club where there several other kids 
his age. He started, as usual in those days with programming in basic but 
soon changed to assembler because that was the only way he could use the 
full graphical and sound potential of this Commodore to use it for the 
demo's he and his friends liked to write.

In my view, kids that age can easely learn any language they want to 
learn if they need that language to reach some results they want to reach.

BTW, I had nothing to do with computers then, what I learned I mostly 
learned from my kids, they still help me out sometimes.


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