Running Hardy && Network Manager && having issues seeing your AP consistently?

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Mon Jun 15 13:12:46 UTC 2009

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I'm not sure if this is in any way related to a problem I'm having.
I'm not using gnome-nm, but, rather wicd, at the moment, but I seem to have been having the same
problem with both of those, and wifi-radar (switching software has made no difference).
This is with HH, on an everex cloudbook (no gnome, no kde, using ion3).
I can manually scan and connecto to wifi, connect with wifi-radar, connect with wicd (currently in use), etc.,
but after a few moment, nothing will move through the connection (mutt can't access, FF can't get
pages, etc., etc.), even though iwconfig and ifconfig (and wicd) indicate that I am still connected.
I drop the connection, reconnect, and, again, within minutes the connection becomes useless.
This happens more while away from home at coffee shops than here at home, where I am very near my router,
but, it does also occur at home.
Without the wifi being functional, of course, the little cloudbook is nearly useless to me, since I primarily use it
for communication purposes while away from the office.

I've mentioned the problem on the list, but the only responses I got were to try wicd, which hasn't solved the issue.
But, since I do not use gnome and gnome-network-manager, I'm wondering if I can apply some of what has been done here, 
manually.  I'll look further into that when I have a minute (probably not going to happen today...or this week),
and get back to the list, but, if anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them.

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