mounting windows partition automatically on HP Pavilion laptop

Avraham Hanadari rufus at
Mon Jun 15 08:00:38 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
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> Avraham Hanadari wrote:
>> I made three partitions on my HP Pavilion laptop, when I dumped Vista. 
>> One is for XP (NTFS); one is for data (NTFS) and one is for Ubuntu 9.04. 
>> All work fine and I have no trouble manually mounting the data partition 
>> from U904.
> 	You NEVER want to mount the data partition that is made for Windows XP.
> It is a special partition that XP can use to re-load itself.
>  I just set about writing to fstab to make an automatic bootup
>> mounting of the data partition, but I encountered very unfamiliar file 
>> content.
> 	No kidding!
> 73 Karl

Dear Karl,

Thanks for your suggestions, but upon rereading my initial letter, you 
may notice the words "I made". The middle partition on my hard disk is 
where I have all my working files, which I choose to call data. It was 
not generated by Windows. I would appreciate your expanding a little on 
your comment "No kidding". Should I have known that laptop fstab 
readings are so different?


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