Need software to generate paystubs URGENTLY!

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Christopher Lemire schreef:
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>> On Mon, June 15, 2009 00:02, Christopher Lemire wrote:
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>>> Please someone tell me what software does good at generating paystubs.
>>> I am researching gnucash right now to see if it has this ability.
>> I use gnucash for my personal finances, but I'm certainly not a financial
>> expert.
>> What is a paystub? There is a language barrier here, English is not my
>> native language. I don't know what the word "paystub" means and Google
>> isn't very helpful tonight.
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> I am no expert on the subject either. I am trying to help a friend who
> asked me. She says she needs to generate a paystub urgently.
> Quote from wikipedia:
> A pay stub, paystub, pay slip, pay advice, or sometimes paycheck stub,
> is a document an employee receives either as a notice that the direct
> deposit transaction has gone through, or as part of their paycheck. It
> will typically detail the gross income and all taxes and any other
> deductions such as retirement plan contributions, insurances,
> garnishments, or charitable contributions taken out of the gross
> amount to arrive at the final net amount of the pay, also including
> the year to date totals in some circumstances.
> So a pay stub is also called a paystub, pay slip, pay advice or
> sometimes a paycheck stub. So it goes by other names as well.

OK, I think that I understand now.
It is the document that the personel administration of my employer sends
me in the first week of every month with the details of the salary that
they deposited on my bank account the week before (around the last
working day of every month). It is called "loonbrief" in Dutch.

No, I don't think that I have ever seen such a thing in Gnucash.
But a quick google search on "gnucash pay slip" turned up this:
It seems to describe the Canadian situation so you may have to adapt it
to your local payroll tax laws.


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