Email Software with "Reflector"

Piper pay_the_piper at
Sun Jun 14 14:45:26 UTC 2009

I would like to use email SW which does what Windows Express does now but 
with one important addition.

I want it to have a "reflector" feature which uses a "cue" sent in by list 
members to forward their replies to all other list members.

For example I have the ABC list of 50 people in my Express address book. I 
send out an email to all by bcc on the ABC subject. J Doe replies with <ABC> 
in the subject line (the reflector I have chosen). The reflector then 
automatically posts (forwards) J's reply to all list members. A sub/unsub 
feature for the autoresponder-refector would be nice too.

Does Future Shop have such SW? Could it be added to the machines you sell 
with "Mobile Linux" OS?

Alternatively, there is a C compiler on this machine (as part of .NET). If 
we write and compile a stand-alone program for a "reflector" can Future Shop 
connect it to either a Linux or a Windows OS?

Would MS consider it a violation of Windows OS intellectual property rights 
to connect it to a Windows OS or to Express?


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