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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 14:37:41 UTC 2009

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H.S. wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> $ sudo aptitude install pgp and then sudo aptitude install enigmail.
>> Reboot and then look at your Thunderbird. Up ther with File and Edit is
> No, there is no need to reboot for this.
> People with Windows background: In Linux, rebooting is necessary when
> one wants to change the kernel being used. In almost all other
> circumstances, no rebooting is necessary, certainly not for installing
> and using the above mentioned two package.
	Sorry but your law that you NEVER reboot Linux is in this case an
error. You have to think to understand why. And actually do it to see.

	At time one Thunderbird is up and running. You load GNUPGP and
Enigmail. Enigmail needs to modify Thunderbird a lot. It does so I think
by writing to thunderbird on the hard drive. It doesn't show up on

	Yes I think you can delete Thunderbird and then start it again and it
will work. But to just reboot is easier.

73 Karl

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