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You have to install it first
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Muzer wrote:
> Christopher Lemire wrote:
>> Is there somewhere in /proc that can control my keyboard leds? I've
>> got an led for the function key, cap locks, and num locks. I'd like to
>> make them blink on new email IF I can find somewhere in /proc for
>> them. I know this is easy to do if you have a laptop.
> Not sure about /proc, but try the package ledcontrol. There are plenty 
> of examples in /etc/ledcontrol.conf (by default it is set to blink the 
> scroll lock LED depending on system load).
	What if your Jaunty doesn't have a ledcontrol.conf or for that matter:

karl at Jaunty:/etc$ locate ledcontrol
karl at Jaunty:/etc$

73 Karl

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