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> wrote:
> > I am trying to burn some video cd or dvd with .avi format. That do not
> seem to
> > work, for instance not with brasero. What do people do for this to work?
> Normally you can't burn it directly, unless you have a set top dvd
> player that understands that format. If so, you can just copy it onto
> a dvd like any other normal file system, using brasero or k3b.
> If you want to take the avi and turn it into a playable dvd, then you
> need mjpegtools, devede or tovid, or maybe mencoder or transcode to do
> the file conversion to a dvd compliant mpeg. Then you can use
> dvdauthor to make the dvd, or put on optional buttons, menus, that
> sort of thing.

I am not sure I understood correctly but you can burn a .avi format with
brasero (Data project) if you already have the file you want as .avi
Done this way it runs on computer but not dvd player. If you want to copy a
dvd or cd and transform it as a .avi format see the above answer as brasero
will only copy the format you give to copy and burn.


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