LCD status display

Muzer muzerakascooby at
Sat Jun 13 18:14:20 UTC 2009

I'm thinking of getting a small LCD display to monitor the status of the 
system (I know these exist, since I've noticed references to them when 
configuring the kernel; I'm talking about one that plugs into something 
like the serial or USB port, not a VGA/DVI one). Which one would be the 
best to get: at a good price and with compatibility with Ubuntu (so I'd 
have to do as little as possible to get it to work; I'd be fine with 
compiling software/drivers for it, but I'd like to stay away from 
recompiling the kernel, it just takes too much effort). I'd only really 
like to display things like a few temperatures, I/O usage, RAM usage, 
CPU usage, wireless connection speed, and other such things on it (maybe 
not all at once, but it'd be good if all or most of those could be 
accessible; maybe if the screen is too small you could page through them 
by pressing a key?)

As said, I'm sure these exist (though whether or not they are sold to 
endusers or at all any more is beyond my knowledge), and I'm sure if 
extensive kernel support exists, there must be some sort of software for 
them. Any recommendations?


Version: 3.1
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